Why You Should Be Taking Your Child to the Dentist

There will come a point where your child will need to start regularly visiting the dentist to have their teeth inspected and cleaned. Unfortunately, many parents don't do this because they think it's not necessary, especially if the child still has their baby teeth. Having these early dentist appointments are important for the following reasons. Learning About Oral Care Part of the initial appointments with a pediatric dentist will be to show your child how they should be taking care of their teeth.

What To Expect When You Need A Tooth Extracted

While permanent teeth are supposed to last for life, there may be instances, such as severe decay, an impacted wisdom tooth, an accident that severely affects the tooth, or the death of a tooth that makes extraction necessary. Since most adults don't have much experience with having a tooth extracted, it is natural to feel nervous or anxious about having a tooth extracted. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect and how to recover:

Teeth Sensitive In Cold Weather? Your Dental Bridge May Be Eroded

Dental bridges are a great way to fill in the gap in your smile but they can erode over time. This may be most noticeable in cold weather. Understanding why cold weather exposes your eroded bridge can help you gauge whether or not repair is necessary. Cold Weather Will Expose Eroded Bridges Have you ever noticed that your mouth feels different when it is cold out? That's because cold weather will change the way blood flows in your mouth and affect sensitive areas of your gums.

Keep Their Teeth Healthy All Day: 4 Tips To Protect Their Teeth While At School

You want your kids to have healthy teeth and gums. You take them to the dentist twice a year. You make sure that they brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day. You even watch the foods and beverages they consume while they're at home. What about while they're at school? How do you ensure that their teeth are being cared for during the school day? Here are four simple steps you can take to make sure your kids' teeth are protected at school.

2 Tips To Help Your Child Ease Tooth Sensitivity When Dealing With A Cracked Molar

A crack formation in your child's molars is not considered to be something uncommon. This issue can often develop in children since they tend to indulge in hard candies and high impact sports. A crack may develop out of the blue but it is more than likely that your child's molar has weakened over time. Once the molar becomes weak, their molar will only be able to take on so much force until it cracks.