Keep Their Teeth Healthy All Day: 4 Tips To Protect Their Teeth While At School

You want your kids to have healthy teeth and gums. You take them to the dentist twice a year. You make sure that they brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day. You even watch the foods and beverages they consume while they're at home. What about while they're at school? How do you ensure that their teeth are being cared for during the school day? Here are four simple steps you can take to make sure your kids' teeth are protected at school.

Provide Crunchy Vegetables

You might not be able to get your kids to floss while they're at school, but you can still make sure that their gums and teeth stay healthy. Pack a healthy supply of crunchy vegetables in their lunch each day. Raw vegetables such as celery and carrots help remove plaque from the surface of the teeth. Not only that, but the extra chewing will help your child's mouth generate additional saliva that will remove food particles from between their teeth.

Add Extra Water

You never know when your kids are going to indulge in sticky or sweet snacks while they're at school. You can help reduce the harmful effects of those substances by providing your child with extra water. The additional water will encourage your kids to rinse their mouth throughout the day. This is particularly important if the water supply at school isn't fluoridated or has an unpleasant taste.

Pack Disposable Toothbrushes

If you have kids who would be willing to brush their teeth while at school, invest in disposable toothbrushes. Most disposable toothbrushes are small enough to fit in a pocket and come with a pre-application of toothpaste. Your child can step away to the bathroom long enough to brush their teeth and then toss the toothbrush in the trash when they're done.

Provide a Mouth Guard

If your kids are active in sports or other physical schoolyard activities, their teeth may be at risk of serious injury. To make sure your kids teeth are protected against impact injuries, talk to their dentist about mouth guards. The mouth guards can be put in while your child is playing and then removed once they're done.

You do everything you can to make sure your kids teeth stay healthy and strong. Make sure that protection continues at school. The tips provided here will help protect your kid's teeth while they're at school. For more information, contact local professionals like The Family Dentist.