Answers To Common Dental Implant Concerns

Suffering the loss of one of your front teeth may be one of the more embarrassing dental problems that you might encounter. While replacing a missing tooth is a relatively routine procedure, there are many questions that first-time patients may want answered about these treatment options. If this is a dental procedure you are needing, you might benefit from learning about the answers to some routine dental implant questions. Are There Functional Advantages To Choosing A Dental Implant Over A Bridge?

Why Saving A Tooth With A Dental Crown Is A Good Idea

If your dentist tells you that you have a very large cavity on one of your teeth, he or she may recommend using a dental crown to fix the problem if this can be done. There are times when cavities are too big and the teeth must be extracted, but dentists will always try to save teeth if possible. Here are a few things to understand about this. Reasons it is better to save a tooth

3 Medications That May Cause Post-Extraction Complications

If you are facing wisdom teeth removal, you can rest assured that your post-operative recovery period will probably be very uneventful. But, while complications are rare, they can occur. For example, certain health conditions such as suppressed immune function can heighten your risk for infection after a tooth extraction; however, a course of antibiotics will usually help stave off infection in people with this condition. Medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, can also raise the risk for complications following wisdom teeth removal.

Should You Brush Your Teeth More Than Once a Day?

You know that brushing and flossing are important, but how often should you do this? Is once a day enough, or are there benefits to doing these things more often? Surely you can brush too often. Here's a look at the recommendations for brushing teeth to promote good oral hygiene. It's Not Quantity, but Quality That Matters Tufts Journal points out that there's no scientific evidence to show that brushing more than once a day is better for you.

2 Cleansing Tips To Curb Halitosis If Your Child Wears A Bionator

If your child suffers from jaw alignment issues, then your child's dentist may suggest a bionator. The device is designed to move your child's jaw back into alignment. A bionator works best when it is worn at all hours of the day, including during sleep. Therefore, wearing a bionator can make keeping up with a normal dental care routine more difficult. The device can easily attract food and bacteria buildup when it is worn for long periods of time.