Why You Should Be Taking Your Child to the Dentist

There will come a point where your child will need to start regularly visiting the dentist to have their teeth inspected and cleaned. Unfortunately, many parents don't do this because they think it's not necessary, especially if the child still has their baby teeth. Having these early dentist appointments are important for the following reasons.

Learning About Oral Care

Part of the initial appointments with a pediatric dentist will be to show your child how they should be taking care of their teeth. As much as the parents show a child how to do it, sometimes it takes a dentist to demonstrate for the message to really sink in.

Getting Their Teeth Examined

A dentist will inspect the baby teeth to make sure they are coming in properly. By having regular appointments, they can continue to monitor the teeth as they come in to ensure that they are on track to come in straight. By catching problems early on, you can avoid issues with needing extensive orthodontics.

Applying Sealant

Consider having the dentist apply a sealant to your child's teeth. This will act as a protective barrier that will prevent cavities from forming. The sealant can definitely avoid the trauma of needing to get a cavity filled as a child, and protect their teeth from potential decay.

Fixing Cross Bites

Aside from your child's teeth, there are other issues that a dentist can fix if they catch them early on. One of those is a posterior cross bite. This is when the upper teeth bite down on the inside of the lower teeth, usually due to a narrow jaw. The problem can actually be corrected early in life, which will correct chewing and help your child avoid the social stigma that comes with a cross bite.

Ending Bad Habits

Pediatric dentists are also trained in helping a child break bad habits that can impact their oral health. The most common problem is thumb sucking, but they also deal with habits that cause teeth to potentially shift, like still using a bottle. Breaking these habits won't happen in a single day, but they can help guide you to how to do it with your child.

These are just a few reasons to take your kid to the dentist sooner rather than later. You may be surprised at all the things they can do for your child, even if they still have baby teeth and the adult teeth have yet to erupt. For more information, check out http://www.allaboutsmilesinc.com/ and schedule an appointment with your family dentist.