2 Tips To Help Your Child Ease Tooth Sensitivity When Dealing With A Cracked Molar

A crack formation in your child's molars is not considered to be something uncommon. This issue can often develop in children since they tend to indulge in hard candies and high impact sports. A crack may develop out of the blue but it is more than likely that your child's molar has weakened over time. Once the molar becomes weak, their molar will only be able to take on so much force until it cracks. Once their molar develops a crack, your child may experience a slight discomfort in the form of tooth sensitivity. This tooth sensitivity or more noticeable when your child decides to eat or speak. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to help ease tooth sensitivity for child when dealing with a cracked molar.

Use Wax to Keep Their Crack Protected

Food and other debris can aggravate your child's crack and their tooth sensitivity. In order to prevent this, you need to keep their crack protected. This can be done by coating their tooth in dental wax. Dental wax is often used to adhere loose dentures and dental caps but it can be used as a barrier to protect your child's tooth from external elements. You can purchase simple dental wax from your local pharmacy or grocery store. Try to dry the area around their cracked molar before applying the wax. Applying a thin coating over the entire fracture and the tooth. Instruct them to avoid licking the wax with their tongue as this can end up causing the wax to loosen.

Avoid Giving them Foods that may Cause Temperature Sensitivity

When your child develops tooth sensitivity, this means that their cracked molar will be irritated when it is exposed to extreme temperatures. This includes both hot and cold materials. Your child will most likely experience some form of temperature sensitivity when they are eating. Ice cream and hot soups are examples of foods that can cause this sensitivity. Therefore, it is important to avoid giving your child foods that may be either too hot or too cold. Instead wait for some foods to reach room temperature before giving them to your child to eat. This will help to save them from experiencing some discomfort until the crack is fixed.

Tooth sensitivity is one of the more difficult discomforts to handle when experiencing a cracked molar. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that your child's experience is as comfortable as possible.