2 Cleansing Tips To Curb Halitosis If Your Child Wears A Bionator

If your child suffers from jaw alignment issues, then your child's dentist may suggest a bionator. The device is designed to move your child's jaw back into alignment. A bionator works best when it is worn at all hours of the day, including during sleep. Therefore, wearing a bionator can make keeping up with a normal dental care routine more difficult. The device can easily attract food and bacteria buildup when it is worn for long periods of time. The buildup will usually result in an intense odor. Your child may begin to suffer from chronic halitosis. This can be difficult for you and your child to deal with. Even though they wear a dental device, your child should still be able to enjoy fresh breath. Luckily, there are a few cleansing tips that your child can use to curb halitosis when wearing a bionator.

Clean the Device with a Toothbrush before Going to Bed

A bionator can simply be cleaned using a soft bristled toothbrush and toothpaste. Gently brush around the wiring of the bionator. Avoid hitting the wires as this can cause them to bend. Work the toothbrush around the grooves and crevices of the dental device. Use cool water to rinse away any debris as you scrub all of the surfaces of the dental device. Once you finish brushing, rinse the entire dental device with warm water. Remember to help your child reinsert their bionator before they go to bed. Your child's bionator can also be cleaned in this same fashion after enjoying a meal. This will help to remove bacteria before it has a chance to spread.

Soak the Bionator For a Few Minutes Daily

Soaking your child's bionator in an antibacterial rinse every day will help to kill off bacteria that you were unable to remove with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can add salt to warm water in order to create a dental soak or you can purchase a packaged dental soak from the store. If you create your own antibacterial soak from home, it is important to avoid placing your child's bionator in hot water. Extremely hot water will cause the material to warp and will change the size and fit of your child's dental device. This will require them to get the device resized and remade. Therefore, stick to cool water or water that is at room temperature.

A bionator can be your child's solution to a healthy jaw. However, halitosis can easily make the process frustrating. Therefore, use these tips to help prevent this. Contact a clinic like Dentistry For Children for more information.