Have A Child That Need Braces? Be Prepared For What Will Happen

Has your dentist told you that your child needs braces? If so, you'll need to visit a children's orthodontist for an official consultation. This may cause you to feel nervous about your child needing a corrective procedure to fix their teeth, but it is really nothing to be concerned about. Braces can help give your child a straight teeth and normal bite, which will impact them for the rest of their life.

Three Dental Problems Associated With Birth Control Pills

Taking a birth control pill can help to reduce the risk of pregnancy, but it can come with some unwanted side effects. Birth control pills can induce changes all over your body, some of which don't seem like they're related to reproductive organs at all. This includes your gums and teeth! If you take birth control pills or are about to start, here are three things to look out for.

Procedures You May Need During A Smile Makeover

A smile makeover involves various dental treatments all geared towards improving the appearance of your mouth, and teeth in particular, so that you can have an improved smile. Here are some of the specific procedures your dentist may perform during a smile makeover: Teeth Whitening If aesthetics is one of the reasons you are considering dental reconstruction, you will probably have your teeth whitened if you don't think they're bright enough.

Whitening Myths To Be Aware Of

When you want to whiten your teeth, it is a good idea to make sure you aren't following the wrong advice. With so many myths out there regarding whitening, it can be confusing to choose the right whitening method for you to use to get your teeth looking nice and white. Here are some of the more common teeth whitening myths you want to be aware of: Baking soda and peroxide homemade toothpaste is great to use on your teeth – While many people turn to a homemade baking soda and peroxide toothpaste to whiten their teeth, there is more to this method you want to be aware of.

The Added Risks Pregnancy Poses To Your Mouth

Pregnancy is a huge event in life for a woman and many changes can occur to a woman's body during the nine months she carries the child. One of the effects pregnancy can have on a woman's body is an increased risk of oral problems. If you just found out you are pregnant, you should learn about these added risks so that you can take good care of your mouth during this time.