An Overview Of The Procedure For Getting A Dental Bridge

Do you need to get a dental bridge and are unsure what to expect? It will help to know the basics of what is involved to get dental bridges.


The process generally starts by taking an impression of your mouth. This impression is going to be used to create your temporary bridge . Your dentist will place an artificial tooth in the place of the missing tooth, then create a mold of that part of your mouth. This is used to determine the shape and size of the temporary bridge that will be going on your teeth later.


The teeth that surround the missing tooth will need to be prepared for the crowns used to support the dental bridge. This involves shaving down the natural tooth to make room for the crown, which will permanently alter its structure. This is necessary because the artificial tooth will be attached to both surrounding crowns to create the bridge.

Digital Scans

A digital scan will then be taken of your mouth to record the exact size and placement of your teeth that have been prepared for the dental bridge. This information is used to create the final bridge that will be placed on your teeth later on.

Temporary Bridge Creation

The dentist then uses the impression that was first created to make your temporary bridge. A porcelain material is used to fill the mold to create the proper shape for the teeth involved. They will then sculpt the bridge so that it looks more natural and works with your bite, and removes some material so that the temporary bridge fits on top of the prepared teeth. 

The temporary bridge may not blend in perfectly with the rest of your teeth, but thankfully it is only going to be in your mouth for a short while. Even though the bridge is temporary, the dentist will still cement it onto your teeth so that it cannot be easily removed during everyday activities. 

Bridge Installation

You'll return to the dentist at a later date to have the final bridge installed on your teeth. The dentist will remove the temporary bridge and place the final bridge on your teeth. They'll check to make sure that it looks and feels natural, since now is the time to make adjustments to the bridge. If everything is okay, they'll cement the bridge in place so it becomes a permanent fixture of your mouth.