2 Aftercare Tips To Help Your Child After A Root Canal Treatment For Their Primary Teeth

Dental infections that occur in baby teeth are often not considered to be as serious. This happens because the baby teeth are expected to fall out and make room for permanent teeth. Therefore, the infection is removed along with the baby tooth and new healthy teeth replace it. However, if your child's permanent teeth become infected, then they may need to undergo a root canal. A root canal will remove the damage from the tooth.

3 Potential Treatments For Dental Crowding Around The Incisors

The central and lateral incisors are the front-most four teeth on the upper and lower jaw. The central incisors are large and flat while the lateral incisors are quite smaller but have a similar shape. Both types of incisors help grab onto the food you're trying to chew. If the incisors become crowded or overlap due to eruption problems or jawbone issues, you can suffer severe chewing difficulties and cosmetic embarrassment.