You Can Eat And Maintain Your Dental Health Normally When You Choose Clear Aligner Braces

Clear aligner trays such as Invisalign could be the ideal choice when you want to straighten your teeth but don't feel comfortable wearing traditional braces because of the type of job you have. The aligner trays are nearly invisible, so your co-workers may not even notice you're wearing them. If you occasionally meet with important clients over dinner meetings, you'll appreciate being able to remove the trays while you dine.

Plus, invisible aligners work just as well as wire braces, as long as your dental condition is a suitable match. Here's what you might want to know about clear aligner braces like Invisalign.

You Should Stop Smoking When Using Clear Trays

You'll change your trays according to the schedule your dentist sets, which might be every week or two. A week or two could be long enough for the trays to become discolored or cloudy if you smoke. Since you want your aligner trays to be clear and nearly invisible, avoiding smoking is advisable.

You'll Need To Brush And Floss Daily

An advantage of using clear aligner braces over metal braces is that you can take the trays out so you can brush your teeth normally. By brushing and flossing routinely, your teeth can stay healthy while they're being straightened. You'll also need to brush and clean your trays using a cleaner made for clear aligners. Using other products to clean the trays could make the plastic cloudy.

You Can Eat Anything You Want

Some foods, such as hard ice and sticky candy, aren't the best foods for natural teeth, but when you wear aligner trays, you can eat anything you want since the trays come out when you eat. It's important to brush after you eat meals or snacks so you don't put the aligners over sugar and food debris and trap them against your teeth.

You May Want Water To Be Your Main Beverage

You need to take the trays out when you drink too. However, you don't want to take the trays in and out all day, so you may want to start drinking more water and leave tea and wine for meals when your trays will be out anyway.

Some beverages may stain the trays if the trays aren't rinsed right away. Also, sugary beverages might get trapped and lead to tooth decay if you don't brush your teeth and the tray right after drinking. It's probably easier to just switch to water so your trays stay in the required amount of time each day.

You Might Enjoy Quick Results With Aligner Trays

Sometimes, depending on the dental condition you have, you might get quick results with aligner tray braces. You should notice results soon after you start wearing them and notice ongoing gradual changes to your teeth. Your treatment might be finished in several months, and when your teeth are aligned, you'll want to wear a retainer to keep them in place.