Learn More About the Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants

If you are missing your teeth, then you may be a good candidate for full arch dental implants. These implants are ones in which a series of implants are used to restore the entire arch of teeth you have missing with one solid piece. There are some great benefits that come with opting for these implants, and you'll learn about some of them here: 

The full arch option often requires fewer abutments

If you were to have several implants placed in an arch, then it would require more individual implant posts, known as abutments, to be used. This means more posts being fused to your jawbone. Not only is this harder on your body in the long run, but it also causes you to have a longer recovery. Instead, you can have a full arch put in that would require fewer abutments to be used. 

These implants may be more cost-effective

It may surprise you to learn that full arch implants may be more cost-effective for you to get than getting a number of separate implants. This is partially due to the fact that less hardware will be used. Also, going with a full arch implant often simplifies the process, which means less work, passing more savings on to you. 

Implants can prevent bone loss

If you are caught between figuring out if you would rather go with dentures or dental implants, then there are many reasons why dental implants are the better options. The way the implants are implanted into your gums will help prevent the bone loss that can happen in the absence of teeth. When you experience bone loss, it can even affect the way your face looks, as well as the way you speak and eat. 

Full arch dental implants can make you feel most comfortable

Implants will feel more physically comfortable than dentures. With dentures, it can be difficult to get all the little issues worked out of them. Then, you have to take them out and put them back in. You also have to clean the dentures, as well as your gums. With dentures, your speech and the way you eat will also be affected. In fact, there will be a lot of foods you can't eat with dentures. 

These things won't be an issue with implants, because they are permanent replacements for your teeth that look, feel, and function just as your teeth did. Full arch dental implants can make you feel even more comfortable. You will know that you have solid arches that function as an entire piece, which can also help you feel better emotionally.

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