New To The Area? Quick Tips For Finding A Family Dentist

If you and your family have recently moved to a new area, getting a new dentist may be urgent. However, you don't want to go to just anyone. Everyone has basic qualifications for who they will allow working on their teeth, but as a parent, you may have extra needs. Here are a few things to look for when you are trying to get a new family dentist quickly. 

After Hours Care

Kids are hard on their little bodies. Dental emergencies are extremely common among kids, such as displaced, fractured, or chipped teeth. Your response as a parent to these dental emergencies may determine how your child's smile is going to look for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, emergencies never seem to happen during regular business hours. As a parent, asking about a dental office's after-hours and emergency care policies should be of utmost importance. If one office has a better after-hours policy than another, it is worth your peace of mind to choose the one that will be better in an emergency. 


Many dental offices have technological advances that help children to feel more comfortable during procedures, as well as distract them from any pain they may experience. Ask if your potential office has fun things for kids to do during visits, or what technology sets their office apart from others. 


If one of your kids does experience a dental emergency, you are not going to want to drive clear across town to get it taken care of. Try to find an office within 20 minutes of your home. When given the choice, some people choose location over technological advances, though there may be offices that offer both options near you. 


Most dentists will not perform emergency dental procedures on a patient they have not met previously, so you will want to get in as soon as possible. If a potential dentist cannot get you in for more than 6 months, look elsewhere. They may have excellent reviews, but with an excessively long wait-list, finding another highly reviewed dental office would be best to get multiple family members seen quickly.


In conclusion, finding a new family dentist can be stressful, but looking for these basic qualifications can help. Most of these questions can be answered with a brief phone call or an up-to-date website. Finding a dentist right as you get to a new area is a good idea so that when an emergency occurs you are prepared.