The Difference Between Children's Dental Cleaning And Adults' Dental Cleaning

Teaching your children how to brush and clean their teeth as early as possible is essential. However, it is equally, if not more, important to take them to the dentist regularly to have a dental cleaning.

An effectively executed kid's dental cleaning should help guard your child's teeth and gums against gingivitis and periodontal diseases. While the reason for dental cleaning may be the same, cleanings for children and adults differ in several ways.

It is essential to understand the differences between the two, so you can make your child is receiving the dental care they need.

Different Types of Dentists Perform Procedures

One of the key notable differences between kids' dental cleaning and adults' is the different types of dentists. A pediatric dentist carries out a child's dental cleaning, while a regular dentist carries out that of an adult.

While a pediatric dentist goes to dental school, just as other dentists do, but they go through an additional 2-3 years of specialized training learning how to care for children's teeth. A pediatric dentist will primarily attend to both infants and pre-adolescent. Adults always have their teeth cleaned and checked by dentists who don't need additional training to handle their patients.

Toddler Teeth May Not Need to Be Flossed

Flossing is an important tooth cleaning procedure you should teach your children when teaching them how to brush. However, younger children, (age 2 or 3), with big gaps between their teeth may not need to floss as there won't be any significant amount of food or plaque stuck in between their teeth.

When these children visit their dentists, there will not be a need to floss during the professional cleaning, but this varies based on the child's age and how effective their brushing is done. For adults, however, flossing is as crucial as brushing is. Flossing will help to dislodge the food stuck between your teeth that your toothbrush couldn't drive out.

Variations in Cost

Children's dental cleaning will cost a much lower amount than adult dental cleaning services. If you're an adult without insurance, the average cost of getting your teeth cleaned is about $120. The cost is lower depending on the amount of work done and the state or city you're coming from. 

For children without insurance, the cost of dental cleaning is about $90. Insurance can potentially cover almost half the amount, making it more affordable to have children's teeth cleaned on a more regular basis.

If you have more questions, reach out to a dentist in your area.