A Teeth-Whitening Procedure in Your Dentist Office Provides Safe and Quick Results

If you want the quickest results for whitening your teeth, then having a treatment from your dentist is usually the best option. Your dentist can also supply a custom kit for you to use at home that whitens your teeth gradually, but when fast results are important, then having a laser whitening technique could be best. Here are some things you should know about teeth whitening.

Some Stains Respond to Whitening Better

Your dentist examines your teeth to determine if you're a good match for whitening. If you've been trying to whiten your teeth at home with over-the-counter products and you've not had much success, it might be that your stains are difficult to remove. Yellow stains are the easiest to eliminate with whitening bleach. Gray stains are much harder. These might improve with a longer treatment period, or your dentist might recommend a different option, such as veneers on stains that are hard to remove with bleaching.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure Can Be Repeated

You can have the whitening procedure repeated as soon as it's necessary, and you may even need multiple treatments initially to achieve the degree of brightness you want. Insurance usually doesn't cover teeth-whitening procedures, so since you'll have to pay out of pocket, you'll want the best value for your investment. That means you need to maintain your teeth properly so they stay white longer.

For instance, if you go back to smoking and drinking red wine, stains may return in a few months. However, if you avoid foods and drinks that can stain, and you brush and floss daily, you may go for a year or longer before needing to have the whitening procedure repeated. Be sure to follow instructions from your dentist for tooth care and the products to use to keep your teeth as white as possible.

Teeth Whitening Is Safe When Done by Your Dentist

The American Dental Association approves of teeth-whitening procedures and products used in dental offices. It's common to experience tooth sensitivity after bleaching, but the sensitivity clears up within a couple of days, and there is no harm to the enamel of your teeth or the nerves. Also, the laser used in laser whitening doesn't penetrate your teeth or put them in danger. The laser is used to activate the bleach solution so it can whiten more effectively. The bleach used in your dentist's office is stronger than what you can buy over the counter, and that's one reason you can see results the same day.

If you want whiter teeth for a photoshoot, job interview, reunion, or other special event, you can get fast results through your dentist, and that's not possible when you use home treatments.