Should You Get A Root Canal Or Have The Tooth Pulled?

If you have a tooth that requires a root canal, your only other option in many cases is to have the tooth pulled instead. You don't want to have to get a root canal, but you aren't too keen on having one of your teeth pulled, either.

Your dentist will give you the most useful opinion regarding your oral health, but if you worry about your options regarding your infected or abscessed tooth, you want to know what you can do about the condition. Should you have the root canal or just get the tooth pulled? This guide will assist you in your best options.

Your financial situation

If you are paying for your dental work out of pocket, it's sometimes best to have your tooth pulled when faced with an expensive alternative like a root canal. However, if your dental insurance is willing to pay for part of your services or will allow for a smaller deductible for your oral care, then it's best to have the root canal done. Either way, you will want to make sure your decision is not only best for your financial health, but your oral health as well.

Your pain tolerance

You don't like to go to the dentist in general. Sometimes, the procedure itself isn't entirely painful, but the recovery can be. If you don't want to go through the process of recovering from a dental procedure or you have a low pain tolerance, it may be best to have a tooth pulled over having a root canal done. However, many dental procedures aren't painful at all, but can be merely uncomfortable, and your dentist will do all they can to keep you comfortable while in their chair.

Your overall dental health

Do you have a history of poor oral hygiene and this is yet another tooth being worked on? Do you already have a few missing teeth? If you have great oral health and have never had a tooth pulled before, it's wise to continue preserving your teeth for the time being. However, if you have many missing teeth, it's best to discuss getting the tooth pulled and talking about other oral health issues with your dentist. You may be thinking about getting dentures or other forms of dental care to help keep your oral health in check.

Whether you want to talk about your oral health issues or you just want to know what your options are, make an appointment with your dentist or a professional dental center. The right oral health care results will help you feel confident with your smile.