Things That Can Affect The Way Your Teeth Look

Learning about some of the most common dental issues is a very good idea because it is a great place for you to start when it comes to coming up with a solid dental regimen. Here are some of the more common dental issues a lot of people tend to deal with that can leave your teeth looking worse than you would like.

Cavities – Cavities are one of the most common issues dentists deal with every day. Even young children can get cavities, as well as adults who think they are taking proper care of their teeth. In fact, studies have shown that 9 out of 10 adults suffer from at least one cavity. Cavities can range from small to large. A small cavity can be filled, while some cavities become so large the best bet is to go with a root canal or an extraction. You can have your teeth filled with a tooth-colored filling material for cosmetic reasons.

Chipped teeth – Although chipped teeth are common, the good news is they are easy to take care of as long as the chip is small. The dentist can put bonding on the tooth that is the same color of their tooth right in the office and the tooth will look as if nothing happened.

Stained teeth – Some people stain their teeth more often and worse than others because of their dietary and lifestyle choices. Things like smoking or using other tobacco products can really stain teeth. Other things like regularly drinking tea, coffee or red wine can also cause your teeth to quickly stain. The good news is your dental office can give you teeth whitening treatments that can help give you back your nice and white teeth.

Gum disease – As sad as it is, gum disease is quite common. Luckily, if you catch gum disease in its early stages, then the dentist can help you to get rid of it fairly easily. Proper dental care is crucial when it comes to keeping it gone.

Enamel hypoplasia – Enamel hypoplasia is a common dental concern, but not many people are familiar with the technical name. People who don't have the condition just tend to call it having "yellow teeth", "brown teeth", "gray teeth" or whatever other color teeth the person with the problem. The condition means the person has less enamel, so that inner color shows through. People with this condition are more prone to an array of dental issues, since the enamel is what strengthens the teeth. Crowns, veneers, or hand-applied bonding material are a few of the ways the teeth can be strengthened and whitened.

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