That Pain Below Your Tooth May Mean You Need A Root Canal? What To Know Before Your Gums Rot

When you go years without visiting a dentist, it can be difficult to know when there are small problems turning into big oral health issues. If you suddenly have pain and irritation that is so severe in your mouth that you are having a difficult time brushing and eating or even just trying to sleep or get through work, a dental appointment is a necessity. Here are some signs that the root of your tooth may be damaged from decay and that you need to get to a dentist right away.

Pressure and Irritation

A feeling of pressure under the tooth an along the jaw line in the gum tissue can indicate that there is an infection in the area, and that the root is damaged. If the area is irritated when you are even just trying to talk or open and close the mouth, you want to get into the dentist before the irritation and pressure continues to spread.

Sensitivity and Pain

If the pain and turned from pressure and irritation to pain whenever you are trying to use the mouth, this indicates the infection is bad and you probably need an oral antibiotic to treat the infection. If the area is sensitive to hot and cold or even air and saliva, get it checked out. If the pain is so bad that over-the-counter pain relievers aren't working, you want to get to the dentist so you can get something stronger for the discomfort.

Metal Taste in Mouth

Another common sign of infection is a bad taste in the mouth, especially around the area where the pain is. Often, the taste is compared with the taste of putting some type of metal in the mouth. This is a sign that can't be ignored and should be communicated to your dentist.

Bad Breath

When the root of the tooth is starting to rot and decay, the bacteria will start to cause odors, and this leads to bad breath. If brushing and mouthwash is only masking the odor for a short period of time or not at all, the infection is a problem. You may also need a deep tissue cleaning to deal with the bad breath and bacterial problems. You want to get a root canal to clean out the area and save what you can of the gums as quickly as possible and to stop the bad breath.

An infection in the body is scary and can be fatal if it isn't cared for properly. If you are current dealing with a tooth problem and you think it's below the tooth and into the gumline, it's likely this is a root problem. Get to the dentist and start working on a treatment plan, like a root canal and filling, right away.