3 Helpful Care Steps To Take When Dealing With TMJ

One of the more painful jaw conditions to deal with is TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). It can leave you in a lot of pain, and if you're tired of these symptoms, you'll want to take these care steps immediately. 

Avoid Chewing Gum 

Although chewing gum is quite an addicting habit given the various flavors and calming sensation it provides, you need to avoid this at all costs. After all, it will only irritate the joints in your jaw and cause you unbearable pain. 

Instead of gum, switch to some other type of flavor-oriented candy like suckers and mints. You won't have to chew at all and can thus keep your jaw completely relaxed when trying to find long-term solutions for TMJ. If you absolutely have to chew gum, make sure you do so in short spurts. 

Adjust Your Posture 

Posture may be something you never think about, but it can actually cause your TMJ symptoms to worsen if it's bad. This is particularly true if you tend to slump your head forward. To combat this issue, you need to practice good posture throughout the day.

Try sitting up if you can and have someone in your household check your posture throughout the day. If they catch you slouching and putting your head in the wrong position, they can remind you to readjust before your TMJ symptoms start acting up. You can also improve your posture by working with a chiropractor, who will adjust your body until you can remain sitting and standing correctly. 

See a Dentist 

If you're still finding it hard to deal with the pain associated with TMJ, it may be time to get help from a dentist. This expert has a variety of techniques they can implement. For example, they can walk you through different exercises that can relax your jaw muscles and joints over time. Once you learn these techniques, you can do them at home any time you want.

If pain gets to be too unbearable, they can prescribe you anti-inflammatory medication. In addition to taking away your pain, this medicine will help relax your jaw joints. Your dentist may even give you a night guard, which keeps your jaw fixed in a relaxed position.

TMJ is a condition that affects many people today. If you're suffering from it, just know there are plenty of ways you can combat your pain. Just keeping trying different methods until you find something that works great long-term. Contact a TMJ treatment service for more help.