Do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

Do you need professional cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry differs from your regular oral health care because when your teeth get worked on for cosmetic reasons, the result is a better appearance for your teeth as a primary goal. Your teeth may need cosmetic work done if you have any of the following conditions. Your dentist can refer you to a specialist or may be able to perform more basic cosmetic dentistry procedures for you.

Overlapping teeth

Do your front teeth overlap? Do your teeth along the bottom row of teeth overlap and give your mouth a disheveled, uneven appearance? Believe it or not, your mouth never stops changing and changes in your jaw shape, face shape, and your teeth in general can cause your teeth to overlap and look unattractive.

Some overlapping is to be expected, especially if you still have your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth take up a lot of space in the mouth, crowding other permanent teeth as a result. You can deal with your overlapping teeth problem by visiting a cosmetic dentist. This dentist will either shave down your teeth and cap them to make them look more even, may do braces on your teeth if they are very uneven, or may even recommend pulling some teeth to give your mouth more space.

Yellow teeth

Your teeth will become more yellow with age. Your eating and drinking habits can also affect how yellow or white your teeth are. You can even have tan, brown, or even blackish-colored teeth if you have a dead or dying tooth that is starting to discolor.

Yellow teeth make your mouth look older and give you the false impression that you don't take care of your smile. While you can do teeth whitening at home and there are toothpastes on the market that can help remove or hide some surface stains, your dentist will do a much better job of keeping your teeth white. Consult with your dentist before having your teeth whitened so you have the procedure done correctly and have the best results.

Missing teeth

When you have a missing tooth, your smile is compromised. Your dentist will replace your tooth with a veneer or can give you a partial denture to make your smile complete. Your dentist can do many things to improve your smile and give you a prettier set of teeth. See your dentist for all your oral health concerns.