Signs You Need Braces That Aren't Always Noticeable

You may not believe you need braces, but the opposite is true. There are many circumstances in which braces are needed but patients don't get them because their teeth appear straight. Here are signs you need braces even if your teeth appear beautiful and even.

Your jaw is out of line

If your jaw doesn't close properly or you have a mismatched tooth alignment, then you may need braces. Your mouth should shut evenly on both sides, allowing you to not only chew evenly, but to speak clearly and put equal pressure on your upper and lower jaws with ease.

Bite down hard on a piece of gum or a cloth: if your bite impression doesn't match well or you noticeably feel your jaw shift to compensate for your jaw's alignment, you may need braces. Your mouth will be re-aligned for better matching so you can feel comfort.

You snore or have trouble speaking

When you have tooth issues, you may have troubles speaking clearly or breathing properly. You may also snore because your jaw doesn't shut right or you have problems with your airway.

Noticeable snoring is not always a problem you notice directly: it's more likely a family member or some other person close to you notices a speech impediment or your snoring problem. You should see your dentist to see if mouth and teeth alignment will resolve your issue. In some cases, a retainer can be used in addition to a mouth guard and braces to help alleviate your problem.

You have gaps in your teeth

Sometimes it's not overlapping teeth that makes you need braces. Sometimes it's a noticeable gap in your teeth, particularly the front teeth, that causes braces to be desired. What's great about having spaces in your teeth is this: your teeth are less likely to become crowded and create a dental problem. However, gaps in your teeth can pose a cosmetic problem that typically worsens with time, making your condition worse as your jaw naturally changes with age.

Your orthodontist will help determine if braces are right for your dental needs. In some cases, braces can be worn for a short while to correct minor issues. In other scenarios, your orthodontist will require you to wear braces for a very long time. The length of time you have to wear braces is dependent upon the severity of your dental problem and the type of braces you choose.

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