How To Reduce Your Blood Pressure Without Medication In Time To See Your Dentist

Dentists are now required to take your blood pressure before working on your teeth. Sadly, this means that a lot of people with elevated blood pressure cannot have any dental procedures unless they first reduce their blood pressure and/or see their regular doctors about prescription anti-hypertensive medications. If you are stuck in this boat, and you need cavities filled, and you do not want a prescription medication solely for the purpose of getting a few cavities filled, here is how you can prepare in advance to see your dentist and reduce your blood pressure without medication.

Reduce Your Weight

A ten-pound weight loss can easily and successfully drop your blood pressure by a few points. The less weight you carry, the easier it is on your heart. People often find that when they have lost weight, they no longer need blood pressure medication. If you are already avoiding medication, all you have to do is lose the weight. Ten pounds can be lost in a month or two, so plan ahead of your appointment with your weight loss goal.


Every single day, get up and move. It does not matter what you are doing, so long as you are moving for at least thirty minutes. Household chores and yard work count too, so set a thirty-minute timer and get up and move. Moving every single day three weeks prior to your appointment really makes a huge difference in blood pressure readings. If you are moving every single day for eight weeks prior to your appointment in an attempt to lose ten pounds, that is even better.

Avoid All Salty Foods Three Days Prior

All salty foods and salty snacks are off the table for you three days prior to your appointment. This is because your body will attempt to use the salt to hold water. When the salt holds the water in your body, it takes up to three days to get rid of the water retention and excess salt. During that time, your heart has to work even harder. When your heart works harder to expel excess bodily tissues and salt, your blood pressure climbs. Hence, no salty foods or salty snacks for three days before your appointment. 

Say "NO" to Caffeine the Day of Your Appointment

Finally, avoid caffeine the day of your appointment. Caffeine is a stimulant that drives up blood pressure temporarily. Even if it is just your morning cup o' joe causing a high blood pressure reading in the dental chair, your dentist will still refuse care and send you home.

For more information, contact your local dentistry clinic.