Have A Child That Need Braces? Be Prepared For What Will Happen

Has your dentist told you that your child needs braces? If so, you'll need to visit a children's orthodontist for an official consultation. This may cause you to feel nervous about your child needing a corrective procedure to fix their teeth, but it is really nothing to be concerned about. Braces can help give your child a straight teeth and normal bite, which will impact them for the rest of their life. Here is what you should know about getting your child braces.

Why Braces Are Necessary?

Braces are necessary to fix an alignment problem with someone's teeth. This can be due to teeth that are crooked or growing outward. Even if the teeth are healthy, teeth can have aesthetic problems that are ideal to fix at a young age.

A set of brackets, rubber bands, and wires are used to move your child's teeth to the right position. While it will not be a fast treatment, it can provide lasting results that can fix even severe conditions.

What Can You Expect During The Initial Appointments?

Your child's orthodontist will begin the consultation by taking X-rays, but they may also request that tooth impression is taken. This will allow an orthodontist to determine the exact placement of the teeth and determine what kind of corrections are necessary. If you decide to move forward with the treatment, you'll return for a second appointment where the new braces will be installed.

The process of having braces placed on the teeth only takes around an hour. A special dental device is used to keep the mouth in an open position, then the orthodontist cleans the front surfaces. They'll apply a special glue to the teeth so that the brackets can attach, and then the wires are put onto the brackets.

You'll be given special care instructions for your child, as well as schedule the next appointment so the orthodontist can make adjustments. Regular follow up appointments are necessary to not only ensure that the teeth are moving correctly but also to make those adjustments over the treatment period.

How Will The Braces Feel?

While the process of having braces installed isn't painful, it will cause some general discomfort. Expect to use a pain reliever to treat the pain and dental wax to cover brackets that rub against the inside of your child's cheeks.

Now that you know more about the process of getting braces, schedule a consultation with a local orthodontist that can help your child's crooked teeth.