Four Tips To Help You Select An Emergency Dentist

The holidays are almost here. During the holiday season, many dental offices close early or take extra days off to allow their employees to spend time with family or friends. Unfortunately though, this may leave you without someone to turn to if you are experiencing a dental emergency. If you need an emergency dentist, follow the four tips below to help you find a qualified and reliable emergency dentist

Call Your Regular Dental Office

If you experience a dental emergency when your dental office is closed, you may not think to call the office. But many dental offices have live answering services. Your dentist may be willing to see you if there is an emergency, or the answering service may have a list of providers that they can connect you with who are open and willing to see patients in an emergency. It is worth ringing up your dentist's office in the event of a dental emergency, even if you know they are closed. 

Find Out What Services The Dentist Provides

One of the mistakes that you may make when selecting an emergency dentist is assuming that every emergency dentist will treat the same things. Some emergency dentists may be able to help you if you knock your tooth out, while others may not have the staff or resources on call. Some may treat abscesses, while others may not. Always ask what services they provide or if they provide the services you need. 

Ask How Quickly They Can Get You In

Another important factor to consider when you are selecting an emergency dentist is how quickly they can get you in. Emergency dentist may find themselves busy, especially during the holiday season when more dental offices are closed. If you are in pain, you want a dentist who can get you in right away. Unfortunately, not every emergency dentist can. 

Be Sure They Accept Your Insurance

The last tip to help you select an emergency dentist is asking if they accept your insurance. Emergency dental care may be pricey. You don't want to have to pay out-of-pocket because you forget to ask if the dentist accepts your insurance. Always ask this question when you are looking for an emergency dentist. 

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, getting treatment is important. But at the same time, you want to ensure you are treating with the best emergency dentist for your needs. Following the tips listed above will help you get the care you need from an emergency dentist who can care for the problem you are dealing with.