Relieving Your Child's Pain After They Have Braces Placed On Their Teeth

If your child is going to be getting braces placed on their teeth in the near future, you are most likely concerned about how they will be feeling after the process is done. It will take a bit of time for your child to become used to the feeling of the braces upon their teeth. In the interim, they may experience some discomfort from the newly placed wires and brackets. Here are some tips you can pass along to your child in an attempt to help relieve and slight pain or discomfort they may feel from their new braces.

Use The Power Of Cool Temperatures To Relieve The Pain

A day or two after your child's braces are put into place, slight pain may become more noticeable. To instantly give your child a burst of relief, have them eat something cold. A popsicle, chilled fruit or applesauce, or a cold beverage with ice cubes inside will minimize pain felt from the braces. This will help reduce inflammation of the gums, taking away discomfort as a result. Be sure to keep a bunch of cool snacks in your freezer and refrigerator for this reason.

Have Your Child Avoid Foods That Are Difficult To Eat

It is best to allow your child to eat foods that are soft in nature. Biting into hard substances will put more pressure on the gums, making discomfort more noticeable as a result. Stick with mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, rice, pudding, soup, and applesauce until the pain starts to subside. It is a good idea to avoid crunchy and chewy items even after the pain is no longer present as these can cause damage to the braces or be difficult to remove if particles become stuck within the wires.

Try Wax To Minimize Scraping Of The Interior Of The Mouth

Your child's orthodontist will most likely give your child a wax substance to use in their mouth to help reduce pain from scraping. This substance is applied to the interior cheek or opposite the lips to help keep the fleshy area safe from scrapes and scratches. As your child gets used to wearing braces, they may find the metal rubs against this area quite often. In time the interior of the mouth will toughen up a bit, making it less prone to scrapes as a result. In the meantime, have your child apply the waxy material directly to the interior portions of their mouth where they are noticing pain. This will add a protective barrier and reduce the friction so scrapes are less likely.