What You Can Do For Your Baby's Teeth

Understanding everything you should and shouldn't be doing with your baby's teeth will help you to give them healthy teeth and good oral habits that will follow them throughout their life. One thing many new parents don't know is that tooth care should actually start before you see the teeth. Learn about some of the tips you should know regarding baby teeth in this article.

Clean your baby's teeth before they surface

As soon as your baby starts teething and you see the slit in their gum, you want to begin cleaning their gums. This way, you know their teeth aren't getting damaged before they even come out. To clean their gums, you want to take a piece of soft cloth and wrap it around your index finger. Get the cloth moist with water and use it to gently rub their gums. You want to do this after each feeding, and before you put your baby down to sleep at night.

Do what you can to avoid baby bottle tooth decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is the commonly used term for describing infant tooth decay. It is caused when their teeth are exposed to fluids for long periods of time or when they are exposed to too much sugar. You can help prevent your baby from developing this condition by not allowing them to go to bed with a bottle, limiting the amount of juice they drink and not dipping their pacifier in anything sweet.

Start brushing their teeth right away

As soon as that first tooth is out, you want to begin brushing your baby's teeth. Make sure you use an infant sized toothbrush with soft bristles so you won't irritate their sensitive gums. Also, you want to use baby toothpaste. You only want to put about a pea-sized dot of toothpaste on the toothbrush. Only brush their tooth, or teeth, and continue using a soft cloth to care for their gums.

Feed your child healthy foods

Don't be in a rush to get your child interested in sweet foods; they have plenty of time for this. Make sure your baby eats their regular jars of food before you move on to the fruits. While fruit is good for them, getting them used to eating the fruit first can get them started on bad habits.

Following the tips here will help to ensure that they have healthier teeth. Start explaining proper tooth care to them as soon as you feel they can comprehend, so they think of dental care as a regular part of their day.

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