5 Toothache Must-Dos To Relieve Pain

A toothache can be a very hard thing to get through. When your tooth is hurting, it can make it difficult to eat, drink, sleep, talk and even concentrate. The very first step you should take when you notice pain in your tooth is to immediately call a dentist to schedule an appointment. The next step will be to control the pain. Learn about 5 different ways you can alleviate the pain of a toothache in this article.

1: Use ice

If your toothache isn't caused from an exposed nerve, then biting down on a small ice cube until it melts can really help. The ice can help to bring down inflammation and numb the area. One of the great things about using ice is that it is something you will normally have readily available. Also, it brings instant relief.

2: Use garlic

Applying a small piece of garlic clove to the painful tooth can also bring about some relief. However, the relief can be short lived, with the pain coming back shortly after you remove the garlic. Also, you may want to spit rather than swallow while the garlic is in place, because there will be a strong taste of it in your mouth.

3: Clove oil

Clove oil is fantastic with regards to bringing relief from an aching tooth. There is a mild stinging at first, but this stinging is followed by a refreshing numbness that makes you feel a lot better. You can apply the clove oil to cotton or gauze and then place it next to the tooth. This way, the clove oil will remain there longer to provide you with optimal numbing.

4: Cayenne/ginger paste

A paste made from cayenne and ginger will also help take tooth pain away. To make the paste, you will mix together equal parts of the cayenne and the ginger, with a small amount of water. Mix the three until a paste is formed and roll a little cotton ball into the paste until it is all the way covered. Put the cotton ball directly on the tooth. You want to keep the cotton off your gums and try not to touch it with your tongue, because the mixture can sting.

5: Peppermint tea

You can drink some peppermint tea to get rid of the pain of a toothache. To get some extra relief, swoosh the first few mouthfuls of the tea around in your mouth for a few moments and then spit them out. This will help more of the tea to come into contact with the affected tooth for more relief.

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