Four Dental Implant Concerns You're Likely Having

Having dental implants installed comes along with significant results, such as improving your oral health and the look of your smile. With these dramatic benefits also comes a significant undertaking in terms of the installation procedure. For this reason, most patients who are looking to undergo this oral treatment will have some concerns. Here are just four of the most common concerns potential patients have that simply aren't true.

Increase Oral Hygiene Requirements

If you're like most people, you don't need any extra work put on your to-do-list. There is a belief that having dental implants installed increases your oral hygiene requirements, such as extra cleaning or being more mindful of what you're eating. This information is incorrect. In terms of oral hygiene and care, implants are no different from natural teeth. Commit to the same practices you did before the implants and you will be fine.

Cause Pain

There is also the thought that not only the process of having the implants installed, but simply having them in your mouth will come along with significant pain. In reality, most implant procedures generally only require the use of a localized anesthesia to help prevent minimal discomfort. For people with an increased sensitivity to pain or with anxiety issues, a gas can be used for sedation. However, the installation process and living with implants is basically pain-free.

Look Unnatural

While you want to improve your smile, you don't want to walk around with your teeth looking unnatural. Rest your fears. Dental implants actually look very natural. The primary reason for this is that your provider will work diligently to perfectly pair the implant with your existing teeth, in terms of size, tooth shape and most importantly, shade. In the end, you will have an implant that only a professional can recognize.

Too Expensive

When it comes to your concerns surrounding cost, make sure you are thinking long-term. If you are even considering an implant, this means that you have a missing tooth or have a tooth that needs to be removed and you want to replace it with a long-term solution. Compared to other options like dentures and bridges, a dental implant will last considerably longer and won't come with even a fraction of the additional maintenance and comfort issues that typically accompany bridges and dentures.

When it comes to combating any fears or worries you have concerning a dental implant procedure, make sure you're talking to a dental provider, like Bradley T Piotrowski DDS MSD LLC. Your provider will be able to provide you with fact based information to put your mind at ease.