4 Things To Know About Dentures

If you are missing all or any of your teeth, you will want to consider getting dentures. This process will work to replace your teeth and allow you to have a better quality of life at the same time. The challenges of living without your teeth include not being able to eat or speak as well. By knowing specific things about dentures, this will help prepare you in advance.

The Process

If you are getting a full set of dentures, you will have molds created for the upper and lower sets of your teeth. Your dentist will need to create impressions of your teeth to and send these to a dental lab to create your dentures.

Once the dentures have been created, you will need to return to the office and have these fitted for your mouth. There may be some adjustments that will need to be made for the best possible fit.

The Costs

The type of dentures you obtain will determine the amount of money these will cost. It's estimated that a basic set of replacement teeth will be $300-$500 for either the upper or lower set.

However, there are much more expensive options, and one of these is the premium set. These can cost as much as $2,000-$4,000 per upper or lower piece. This type is made to resemble natural teeth more.

The Care

It's important to know how to take care of your dentures for these to last the longest amount of time. 

Listed below are some tips for taking care of your new teeth:

1. Take your dentures out each night before going to bed. This will allow the tissues in your mouth to rest and be restored each day.

2. Be careful when handling your dentures and consider placing a towel underneath these if moving from one location to another.

3. Soak your dentures in water at night to avoid these from becoming too dry and brittle.

4. Brush your dentures each day to get rid of plaque buildup.

5. Be aware of ill-fitting dentures and see your dentist for adjustments as needed.

6. Massage your gums for better gum health when you take your dentures out each night.

There are many benefits of having dentures, and you're sure to enjoy life more with these if you need replacement teeth. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a dentist like Northwest Dental Services today to discuss your denture options.