Five Foods That Can Ease The Pain Of A Toothache

Why does it always seem that toothaches happen on the weekends or during holidays, when your regular dentist isn't available? While a toothache needs to eventually be evaluated by a dentist, you can often keep the pain at bay until your dentist office is open again by eating and/or applying a variety of common foods.

Foods that can help keep ease toothache pain

1. Clove oil. One of the most effective home remedies for a toothache is clove oil. Available in bulk food stores and in health food stores, this elixir stops the pain of most toothaches almost immediately. All it takes is a drop or two applied directly to the affected area. Part of the reason this works is that cloves have anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Onions. Onions, too, can have a soothing effect on a toothache. Just cut an onion in quarters and place the raw face of the onion on the affected tooth. The juice of the onion will alleviate the pain for several hours.

3. Vanilla extract. While vanilla extract is generally associated with sweet dishes (and sugar aggravates toothaches), the actual extract is not sweet at all. A couple of drops of this pantry item can help keep your toothache from bothering you for several hours.

4. Saltwater. Mixing a little table salt into a glass of water and then gargling with the mixture is another tried and true toothache remedy. However, the effects of this remedy don't last as long as clove oil or vanilla extract. You'll probably have to repeat this remedy every two hours or so. However, most households have salt on hand, whereas, clove oil and vanilla extract may be more difficult to come by in an emergency.

5. Hydrogen peroxide. This common household substance is an anti-bacterial. However, it also can help to ease pain from a toothache. While the taste isn't great, you can dilute it with water to make it more palatable. Gargle well with the mixture.

Of course, easing the pain of a toothache is only a temporary fix until you are able to see your regular dentist. If, despite your best efforts, your toothache pain increases, it's time to call an emergency care dentist (such as one from the Family Dentistry of Brick, PA). While such dentists generally charge a little more for being available during non-traditional hours, they can help solve your dental problem and get you on the road to healing, even on the weekends and holidays.