A Root Canal Helps You Save A Tooth And Avoid Problems

If you have the chance between getting a tooth pulled and having a root canal on it to save the tooth, you may want to choose a root canal. While a root canal may not be a pleasurable experience, it may be the only way to save this particular tooth. Getting a root canal is also better because if you get the tooth extracted, you could end up developing dry socket.

What Is Dry Socket?

WebMD reports that only 2% to 5% of people experience dry socket after having a tooth pulled; however, most people usually know they have this because they experience:

  • A throbbing pain near the area of the extraction
  • Pain in their ears or eyes
  • An unpleasant taste in their mouth

If you have dry socket, you will probably have so much pain that you will want to call the dentist to find out what you can do for relief. Dry socket is a condition that only occurs after tooth extraction, and it occurs when the blood clot in the empty tooth socket works its way loose.

Why Is It Better To Fix The Tooth?

Getting a root canal is a great way to avoid having the tooth pulled out of your mouth. When you get a tooth extracted, the tooth is gone and you will never again have a real tooth in its place. Empty gaps inside the mouth can create a plethora of problems, which you could easily avoid by getting any problems with your teeth fixed.

After getting a tooth pulled and experiencing the problems this creates, you may decide to get the tooth replaced with a bridge or implant. While both of these options work great, neither is your real tooth and both are expensive.

Does A Root Canal Save The Entire Tooth?

In most cases, root canal procedures are accompanied with dental crowns. This occurs because a root canal requires a dentist to get inside the tooth pulp, which is found under and inside the tooth. To access this area, the dentist must remove a portion of the tooth.

Even though a root canal may require removing some of the tooth, you will still have the tooth and its roots. A dental crown will be placed over it to protect what is left, and this should last for many years if you take proper care of it.

If it is possible, it is always better to repair a tooth than to replace it. To learn more about root canals, make an appointment with your dentist. (for more information, contact Washington Township Dental Associates)