Are You Encouraging Your Kids To Be Better At Their Dental Hygiene?

Do your kids already know that it's important to brush and floss their teeth? Maybe you have drilled it into them time after time, but you still need to stand over them like a drill sergeant to make sure they do a good job. Whatever the case, from arranging to see your kid's dentist to getting creative about dental care at home, here are some ideas that might help you.

Your Kid's Dentist - Are you consistent about taking your kids to see a pediatric dentist about every six months? If so, you're already on track. However, if you realize that you need to be better at making your kids dental appointments, think of making those appointments right away. Be sure to choose a time when you can take the kids in together, just to save yourself some time and to save mileage on your vehicle.

Before taking your children to their dental appointment, consider talking to the dentist or to the dental hygienist. During that conversation, even if it's done by phone or email, explain that you need some support in encouraging your children to do better with their dental care at home. By doing so, the appointments can be extended to be just a little bit longer than usual.

The dentist or the dental hygienist probably won't just cover brushing and flossing. Your kids will probably be encouraged to do the same thing you've been telling them to do for a long time. For example, your kids will more than likely be told that too many sweets will create cavities. They'll probably be instructed that dental care even helps their entire body to be healthier. Encourage your children to ask questions while they are having the pep talk at the dental office.

Dental Care At Home - Between your instruction and the pep talk they get at the dental office, your kids might be on board to take better care of their teeth. However, old habits die hard, right? Because of that, consider providing some incentives.

For example, set up a little container that will hold folded paper promises in it. When they have brushed and flossed consistently for a certain amount of time, say one week, they get to choose one of the little folded papers. The papers might promise things like getting to have a friend over to spend the night, getting to go on a date with you by themselves or even just getting to stay up extra late on a weekend night.